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"TRUTH is Enveloped in Obscurity"

KJV John 8:32 ďAnd ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.Ē

All Truth Passes Through 3 Stages
FIRST: It is ridiculed.
SECOND: It is violently opposed.
THIRD: It is accepted as being self-evident.



Halloween, Christmas and Easter Holiday History from Dr Joye Pugh

Before you Pray * Believe
Before you Speak * Listen
Before you Spend * Earn
Before you Write * Think
Before you Quite * Try
Before you Die * Live

The Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron - Hitler, the Occult and Genesis 6 with Doug Riggs Audio Replay

Why the Law Forbids the Medicinal Use of Natural Substances Link

Great HEALTH Tips with Barbra Frank

They Actually ADMITTED There's No Money in Curing People Video

Our Bodies are Polluted by plastic

We All Bleed The Same > A Must Hear

Texzon Zenneck Wave Wireless Power Transmission - World Wide - Nupower Development. This is/could be mankind's - womenkind - transieskind's next BIG contribution to life on earth, next to DNA, Penicillin, the Transistor et al...... "IF IT IS INDEED KOSHER". Since as of this report we can find nobody that has actually witnessed this in action in a commercial environment, thus let's keep speculating that Texzon/Viziv and their Bahrain representatives Nupower Development really have something miraculous to bring us during 2019 Video

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived Video

Your Healthcare may Kill You but at least itís Profitable. Exposing the FRAUD - Hidden History of Medicine

Be Warned! Facebook Creators Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us Video

- Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer & Anti Terrorism Expert Shadow Government/Deep State Officials Exposed - Kevin Shipp lays out in detail the structure of the Shadow Government/Deep State and the corrupt officials involved. Video

Some TRUTH about Medical Devices. The Bleeding Edge

Cult of the White Lab Coat

Toto revealed the Truth in the Wizard of OZ. (Toto means Truth in Latin)

Your GUIDE to Calls about the Iraq Dinar (IQD) and beyond...

Audio - You Can't Handle The Truth



Relax, take it easy, you deserve this...

Your Universal Fun Pass is good anywhere in the universe for you and all your friends and family, for the rest of your life.
No appointment necessary. No fees or taxes apply.

 Not responsible for damages that may incur from improper use. Some assembly required. Batteries not needed. Side effects may include euphoria happiness and laughter.

Smile, have fun, enjoy.

An unorganized push for peace on Earth Video


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