Are you itching? Experiencing skin problems? Overweight, hair loss, feeling unwell? I can provide natural nontoxic help for these problems that will make your body healthy, beautiful and glowing again.

Barbara Frank, Holistic Health Practitioner, Internationally Certified Lymphologist uses Folk Medicine, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, herbs and unique natural detoxing in her Healing Ministry. Serving the community for 37 years. Author of ”How To Take 10 Years Off Your Face And Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally.”

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All products are all natural, mostly organic, purified, and nontoxic to you.

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Dear Barbara,  In May of 2018 I developed a hard, ugly lump on my forehead the size of a marble. Barbara said it was the foot of a tumor inside my head the size of an egg, and if I had it excised it would grow back bigger. While I had no medical diagnosis, when she said she could treat it naturally and leave no scar, I somehow believed her. The treatment was messy and it was difficult to try to cover it with a bandage and my hair so I wouldn't[ constantly be asked about it, but I stuck with it. By August it was gone, and there was no scar. I am grateful. See before and after photos. A.


August 2018

Dear Dr. Barbara Frank, I told Laure about you! I have been listening to you for awhile now and really felt confident that you could help. She was having extreme migraine headaches daily for many, many years, among other things. She could barely stand or walk without bumping into walls, etc. I am so happy that I told her about you and convinced her to call. You shared with her some things she should stop doing and some things she should start doing. Within a day or so she was feeling so, so much better. The headaches have stopped and she hasn't even received the products you recommended. She and I can just imagine her health improvements when she begins the products. I believe in miracles, and this is truly a MIRACLE. Thank you so very much!

December 2018

 God's timing is never wrong. My husband had close to 4 years of quality life with pancreatic cancer using your protocols and I am so grateful. We do know that his pancreatic tumor was gone and the Dr confirmed it. We believe that you were the angel that God sent. Between the nutrition, the info on Dr. Bert and everything else you did, I WIL be forever grateful. Proves that modern medicine may not be the answer after all.  I miss him desperately. We had no children and were together 53 years but I know. GOD used him on earth to talk about the success of your treatment and his faith. After being admitted to the hospital for another problem, he died unexpectedly from a blood infection that I believe he got at the hospital. Please feel free to use my words to help someone else. I am still giving out your website and Dr. Bert phone number. GOD BLESS YOU! L

December 2018

I had 5 brain tumors that caused me to be blind. I could not bear the possibility of someone going into my head and so I decided to go with your treatment, which was ridiculously inexpensive. Using your protocol, I was shocked and amazed to see all the tumors come out of my head. After they were gone, my vision returned.  I am now brain-tumor free and can see again and thank the Lord God daily for sending you to me. I feel like the most blessed person in the world. I tell everyone who will listen about what happened to me and am grateful for every day. 


From: Lloyd B
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2019 8:48 AM
Subject: ?????

 Hi Barbara this is Lloyd Banks this is my first time using the restoring tonic , I use it for ten days as told , I never felt this good since I was a kid I am totally blown away , do I have to stop taking it because the ten days is over , I should be taking this for the rest of my life , my blood pressure is 116/60 never ever seen these numbers , Please tell me ( do I have to really stop and wait another 6 months????????)

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