THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION Rise of the Fallen Angels the Nephilim & the Return of the Days of Noah

Nepil, rapa and gibbor are the original Hebrew words used to describe what has now been translated “giants” in the transliterated King James Version. Gibbor means mighty, strong and powerful and while it is used to describe Goliath, the most well known of this twisted offspring, the word can express the characteristics and attributes of anyone as even God is described as the El Gibbor. Nepil and Rapa (often transcribed nephilim and rephaim) are however specifically refering to the children that came from the cross breeding of the sons of God and daughters of men in Genesis 6:4. This “hybrid” race that survived the flood (“there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that”) was and still is at odds against humanity as they are now “the Spirits that have gone forth from the body of their flesh are evil Spirits.” Enoch 15:9. These beings were not a direct creation of Gods but were produced through the willful disobedience of the fallen angels and the ignorance and disobedience of man doing what was forbidden in God’s sight. This mixing of DNA has literally created a monster and there is a lot of evidence that shows that we are seeing a rise in this biblical phenomenon as these alien fallen ones rise in these last days.


Nepil: a feller (person or thing that fells [past tense of falls], fierce, cruel, dreadful, savage), fallen one, giant from the root Napal: to fall, fallen, cast down, light down, throw down.
Rapa, Rapha, Rephaim: giant
Gibbor: powerful warrior, strong man, mighty man


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