The Best of Judy Beebe:

Hi everyone,
I bet you are all anxious to get your GEM Spheres, and Adam is working hard to make this happen. He and Doug Harkey are the heroes of this story, for their considerable effort and dedication to this project.
I expect that the three sample quartz glass spheres (hand blown by another hero and his assistant - David and Caleb) will be injected by the end of this week. We will then be able to assess what the difference is in power from the normal glass and the quartz glass. I expect that it is going to be considerable.
In the meantime, while he has been waiting for a few things to come together, Adam had time to put together another video of the time we spent together when he came to visit me here in Montana. We were just getting to know each other here, and I can tell you now that he was a divine miracle that arrived on my doorstep. He deserves a lot of thanks for all of his efforts with relationship to GEM.
I hope you enjoy this next piece of the GEM Story.
Hugs,  Judy

Judy Beebe and the G.E.M. Sphere

Victory of the Light with Robert Potter (Judy Beebe Radio Interview)




Another video, all leading up to a video on GEM Energy. This progression will allow you to see why this information was given to me. A lifetime of hunger opened doors that most don't open.


Another Excellent Tool of Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery & Self-Realization.
Knowing Thy True Self . . .


The Unbroken Circle of Truth


Our mastery of all this information is what will save our planet and elevate mankind to GOD MAN.

Awakening the Cosmic Heart was a presentation I (Judy Beebe) made for the Stargate Round Table program by Marietta Pickett. This presentation rang a cord within this group of people and made it imperative that I get it out to a broad audience.

This video helps you make the Arc of the Covenant connection in your heart. By knowing about this unknown truth and verbally asking for this connection within the heart, you are preparing your body, cell-by-cell, and molecule-by-molecule to ready you for the GOLDEN BOWL activation wherein you hear GOD's Voice.



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