Hidden History of Medicine


They Actually ADMITTED There's No Money in Curing People


Your Healthcare may Kill You but at least it’s Profitable


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25 Amazing (and Disturbing) Facts About the Hidden History of Medicine

"Fact # 7: How Big Business married Organized Medicine and began the new reign of surgery, radiation, and drugs

By the year 1910, medicine was quickly becoming unprofitable. Even Americans were figuring out that vitamins, minerals, medicinal mushrooms and herbal tinctures could prevent and cure malnutrition and almost any virus, bacterial infection, or disease, especially with the discovery of vitamins A, B12, C and D. In the early 1900’s, doctors had the highest suicide rate of any profession due to low social standing and poverty. This was an era before U.S. soil had been depleted of nutrients due to pesticides, and before processed foods and chemical food agents had contaminated the food supply. This was before the fluoridation of water began, so cases of arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart attacks were very rare.

Then, when a man named Morris Fishbein finagled his way into running the AMA (American Medical Association), the marriage between big business and organized medicine ensued, and what followed was the beginning of the largest, most corrupt money making scheme in American history. From Fishbein’s rule forward, any scientists who discovered cures for diseases like cancer would be crushed, not only financially and legally in court battles, but their reputations would be tarnished forever in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association). Fishbein controlled JAMA, favoring only doctors and pharmaceutical companies which slid him money under the table for the infamous AMA seal of acceptance.

He called legitimate scientists who could cure sickness "quacks," and Western Medicine doctors just fell in line with what made money and kept their licenses in tact. Fishbein never practiced medicine a day in his life, but had a stranglehold on Western Medicine and the toxic medicines that unethically generated huge revenue. (http://www.

After WWII, many of the evil Nazi scientists were hired fresh out of prison to run the vaccine industry and work for U.S. pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. military. These scientists who tortured Jews in concentration camps not ten years earlier were placed in charge of developing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for Americans who would soon become sick and in need of expensive chronic care. Also, as more Americans moved towards urban areas and there was less family farming, they found themselves consuming processed food which was void of nutrition, leading to and feeding the chronic care agenda that U.S. politicians had planned. (

Surgery and radiation were considered primitive and excessive Fishbein’s reign lasted for 40 years, and organized medicine systematically shut down alternative cancer therapies one by one. At first, surgery and radiation were considered primitive and excessive, but Fishbein covered up the fact that improved statistics for cancer care were really coming from improved hospital nursing care and support systems, rather than from expensive, dangerous toxic treatments.

Nobel laureate James Watson declared the "war on cancer" to be a total fraud, saying the American public had been sold a "nasty bill of goods about cancer." The hard truth is that when most people are given a few choices by their doctor, they are most likely to choose between them, instead of questioning whether any of those choices are even legitimate. Plus, if the average person gets a second or even third opinion, he/she most likely gets more of the same advice, so who would dare question a doctor who spent eight or more years in medical school, or dare to assume that their doctor may be giving them advice which stems from a corrupt corporate scheme which dates back 70 years?

Radiation is carcinogenic and mutagenic. Chemotherapy kills white blood cells which makes the body weaker and more susceptible to more cancer and other disease. Surgery often causes internal bleeding, which helps cancer cells escape and travel to other areas in the body, but people don’t want to dispel the myths and admit that their "great country" could possibly want them to be sick and slowly dying from an expensive disease, which profits those who lead them down the wrong path. However, for 70 years, that has been exactly the case. The cancer business exceeds $110 billion per year in the U.S., and a typical cancer patient spends over $100,000 on treatment, which simply leads to a slower death.

The FDA has yet to approve one single nontoxic cancer agent or one non-patented cure of any kind. Are you ready to question Western Medicine yet, or follow blindly the masses that slowly crawl toward the same cliff?

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