The Truth about Muli Level Marketing, "Network Marketing", "Referral" or "Direct marketing".

1% or less of people in MLM's succeed. So that means if you can enroll 100 people only 1 will succeed (not good odds) then the company will fail you or change the rules 100% of the time. If you work very hard and with luck success is short lived at best.  In summery MLM's can wreck families, friends, your reputation and bank accounts. Unfortunately reality is MLM's are broken and only work for the company they don't work for the distributor.
Don't believe it then try one or ask yourself how your last 3 mlm's you joined went.
Also Affiliate programs 98% of the time cheat the affiliate.


Don't Be a MLM Junkie - Network Marketing

What does it mean to be a mlm junkie? It means never really breaking through to make the big bucks. It means never being happy with where you are. And it means that you will have no friends left.  Do not become a mlm junkie.

Mlm junkies are the career network marketers that have been in the industry for two to twenty years or more and have never stuck with a single company for longer than one year. They are the ones that are so easily persuaded to quit what they are doing and join something new just because they think that "the grass is greener on the other side."

Mlm junkies have the "get rich quick" mentality. They work really hard for a few months and when they see that they are not making $10,000 per month, they look for a different opportunity that sounds like it will be easier and provide greater income with less effort.

These individuals usually quit their project and abandon their team for something new right when they are on the verge of breaking through and having their team grow at an exponential rate. What's worse is that they try to recruit their existing downline to join the new opportunity and end up frustrating many others in the process.

This is not an effective way to build a business. This is not healthy on your reputation. Trust me, I had to learn this the hard way.

Find a solid company with a solid and affordable product and make the decision that you will stick with it. Treat it like you would a marriage. Don't jump into multiple MLM's just because it looks and sounds like fun. Don't distract your team be a leader.


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