Why is walmart evil?

walmart does not pay the suppliers and venders fair or at all in many cases - in other words, walmart steals from venders.

WalMart is what the company store was in the old days.
People in the future will be like slaves in the plantation working for WalMart or Goldman Sachs.
Today, people are shooting themselves in the foot by patronizing their enemy, WalMart.

Wal-Mart talks of its “busiest hours” coming at midnight when food stamps are activated and consumers proceed through the check-outs lines with baby formula, diapers, and other groceries.

Wal*mart is heavily subsidized!
Furthermore, tax subsidies are only a small portion of their subsidies. Externalities are essentially subsidies. Through exposure to pollution, people subsidize profits with their loss in health, for example. The negative economic effects Walmarts’ has on people either directly or through it’s contractors, don’t show up on Walmart’s balance sheet. Those negative effects are subsidized by the losses of the people who are harmed by them, usually without recourse. The fisherman who gets less money for his Pacific salmon because most of us now know it contains poison, is subsidizing the polluters. So are the people who are eating that salmon.
You don’t save money by shopping at Wal*mart.
You just subsidize the “titanic” of unaccountable predation through a corporate crime model that’s high on markets that are open to them and largely closed to everyone else.
If I pay more at the counter for something that’s production didn’t give someone else cancer, am I really paying too much or are others who buy the cancer causing alternative for less up front really paying too little? This isn’t a socialist vs capitalist question.

WalMart as company store or Neo-Colonial plantation...

For a good look at the future, take a look at the past. American coal miners stuck in perpetual debt-servitude to the company store with very little in the way of rights is the model the kleptocracy is benchmarking.
Today, America is spawning a house-rich mortgage debt penury class, shopping at America's company store: Wal-Mart .
Is it right for a large corporation to build stores all around a competitor, and sell goods at a loss in order to drive the competitor out of business? Then crank the prices up once they have a monopoly?
And before you get into garbage about people will go elsewhere, in many places there is only so much space for supermarkets, and people can only practically travel so far to get goods. Put another way, do you support the coal mining company store model?

You will either own the Corporation or work for the Corporation and buy from the Company Store.

Favoritism in Crony Capitalism...
Stacy and Max start the show with a look at the world's feudal lords in a rentier society: Banksters. They look at massive "rent seeking" and "financial dislocation" as the money lenders chase new alpha through higher rents of their massive REO inventory.
One beautiful phrase which Max uses: he calls Zero Interest Rates, which excludes 99.9% of us from the benefits within, as "Financial Jim Crow Laws".
As Max explains, if you're on the inside of Zero Interest Rates, or the Big House (as he aptly calls it) you're the first in line borrower of cheap money at Zero Interest. But if you're one of the 99%ers, you're out there in the fields, fighting for your meals, shopping at the "company store" (i.e. Walmart, Tedsco, etc.) you're going too pay through the nose with "interest charged" to buy your necessities of life.


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