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Yosef The deception? / (Real name: Youssef El Hodaigui / Birthday 12/13)

Dinarland's Yexit: Really? Yosef?
12/08/2016 Dinarland, GCR, RV


But…… should come as no surprise!!

Submitted Anonymously, 12-08-2016

I have read almost all of the posts that have been posted online for the last 8 months from the person who called himself “Yosef”. I must take a few moments to express my utter contempt for the fact that he now has no shame about revealing his evil manipulation of not only people’s minds, but also their emotions and, worst of all, hope.

His preaching about surrendering to God was probably the only small parcel of truth that he honestly expounded through all the other rhetoric and soap-box chatter. Those, like him, who are close enough to anyone connected to what we have termed ‘the Cabal” is no one’s friend. The Old Testament book of Proverbs, written by the wisest man who ever lived on earth, is full of warnings to the fool and those who entertain the ways of those who choose to be foolish. But Wisdom is the only true friend anyone could ever hope to have because truth and wisdom are sisters to give knowledge and understanding to guide all those who choose to pursue them.

This journey of several years for most people involved with the ‘RV’ has definitely been one of ups and downs of hope and despair. The only true grounding force within it all has been whether one is able to discern between truth and lies or benevolence and malevolence. History in the making is definitely fraught with surprise after surprise and no one had all the answers. Desperation added to deception becomes a deadly mix that can quickly lead to disaster.

But for one such as Yosef to allow himself to be used as a puppet and take so many people on such a whirlwind ride of deception, purposely used just to be a mockery of truth and justice, is quite unforgivable. God is very real to me and I am greatly offended by the ego and pride portrayed through Yosef’s use of a measure of spirituality to cover for his sin of deception. Evil is always the basis for deception and, after all, have we not been told repeatedly about how severely we all have been tricked for centuries by the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and all the other money-hungry minions of worldly control? So now we have to add to that one more person who was used to gain our trust and confidence, only to have it dashed in our faces with outright lies? Cruel and in-human does not even come close to describing that, especially when it is coupled with wave after wave of false humility.

The real truth is that as long as any of us decide to keep our heads buried in the sand and ignore real-world events to the point that we become numb to evil and have accepted evil as good and suddenly begin to see good as evil, how can we complain when we suddenly find out that we were being dumbed down all along to accept the lies being handed to us and treated like puppets?

Yosef is just one more in a long line of others with the same agenda of avarice and greed, with no moral conscience. The person with the smooth words of flattery comes as an angel of light, whose beauty and eloquence appears to seduce and charm others into receiving the lies of death and destruction in order to dominate the will and purpose of those around them.
I am so glad I can honestly say that my radar has been on full force all along and many of the words I have read, written by “Malcom X” ….. Yosef, or whatever his name is, have not rung true to me from the start and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this thing we call the RV is sent from God to humanity so that God can show Himself strong to the world and glorify His great name.

The release of the physical wealth through the RV into the world for the benefit of mankind has been a plan from the foundation of the world that no man can take credit for, nor can any man have full control of. If God causes the sun to come out and shine each morning and the moon to show its beauty at night, then how can any man think they can control God’s plan for this earth? Any man that God has used throughout the annals of time to accomplish His perfect will, whether the person was good or bad, was all part of His plan to show the world He is God and God alone.

So Yosef, I leave you with this simple truth……a truth from which you cannot escape, neither ignore: that which you have sown, you will most certainly reap. That is a fact you can also “take to the bank” when you go. God is not a man that He should lie, and He will not be mocked. Your truth may turn out to be more than you bargained for, Sir.

The rest of us are free from the lies you have espoused because, in the long run, truth and freedom cannot be stopped by evil, for as it is written in 1st John 4:4, “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.”

The so-called wisdom of this world cannot compare to the Wisdom which comes from above. Wisdom is the chief thing that we should all search for. Then we can know the truth that sets us free, especially from lies.

Written anonymously.

Bruce used Yosef to help promote his Bummers Bust & other brain games what a sham, also proves Bruce has NO Discernment.

The Big Call: Bruce Edward Dawson (Dingleberry) from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Apparently he changed his last name from Dingleberry to Dawson some time after high school.


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"Cracking the Yosef Code" - Guest Post by Marcus Aurelius Jr.

The Yosef Conundrum

I think I may have figured the Yosef conundrum out. Here goes. What if Yosef was a paid operative, either working for a government or bank or both, whose lone job was to keep the currency public engaged (awake) because the RV was nearly a year out when he arrived on the scene (February 2016 I think he said)? He gets paid monthly to keep us all going, but they never tell him how long his assignment will be. So he keeps blogging, doing free calls, and providing information. The guy keeps writing, writing, and writing. And his bosses keeps feeding him good and bad intel, always telling him to keep the urgency up because it was "right around the corner."

But the constant urgency was the psychological operation, not Yosef or his right or wrong intel.

My dad used to say the more impatient you are, the worse decisions you make. So what if Yosef was installed to be our ZIM Internet muse here to educate the currency community so we could stay informed before our appointments, while at the same being also a double agent blogging the cabal into being more impatient because they must have been reading his posts too. Think about it, he did bring valuable and accurate intel sometimes, and obviously the dude can write. I think even his misspellings were left in intentionally to make him look more unprofessional, which we now know was not truthful. Even more obvious to me is that the guy was burned out. He had nothing left to say after so many posts, calls and sitreps because we already knew most everything about the currencies. He had accomplished his mission. So he must have gotten frustrated, and finally got fed up, then just snapped at us, but really he was yelling at his bosses who wouldn't let him quit the paid assignment. How else could anyone know know all that advanced stuff? Remember, DC on TNT knew a lot of advanced stuff too and he worked for Halliburton as it turns out. Notice too how how Yosef stopped doing calls consistently, I think he must have struck some kind of compromise deal with his employer. More is less at this point.

Anyway, just my two cents. No proof to speak of.

Marcus Aurelius Jr.

TNT Tony Exposed